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Protect your business from all the unknown things that can happen. Whether your are a large corporation or a small start up business, it is impossible to prepare for every possible situation. Insuring your business will help protect you against workplace accidents and lawsuits. 

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Common Business Coverages

Commercial Property Insurance

This coverage protects your workplace from things like natural disasters & fires. Unforeseeable circumstances like this have the ability to cripple a business. Don’t spend all of your saving trying to rebuild when you can insure the building and the contents inside.

General Liability Insurance

Add a layer of protection from legal judgment against your business. Let your insurance company take care of the majority of these costly circumstances and protect your assets. 

Business Umbrella Insurance

Add on to your general liability insurance with this coverage. Because your general liability coverage has a maximum payout, this business umbrella insurance add another layer of protection when the other coverages run out.

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Customized Coverage

Don’t end up paying for coverages you don’t need. For some companies, coverages like commercial auto insurance, workers compensation insurance and bond are a necessity but for others they will be a waste of money. Find out what coverages your business needs.


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Every insurance policy is specifically designed for each individual client.


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Compare plans from different insurance agencies to get you the most affordable rates.


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Start living your life worry free by knowing you got the best insurance at the best price.

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